Programming finished

I believe I’ve written too many posts without screenshots lately, so before anything else, here is one:

Screenshot showing the snowcat from behind, a compass pointing to the next checkpoint in the lower left corner, and a display with a counter for passed checkpoints and a clock in the upper right corner

OK, now that’s done, the text. The text display you see is something that I wanted to have for a very long time, but never badly enough to actually program it. Those days are over now, it’s in and it’s working. Of course, there were some bugs at first. It is quite flexible, for example, I now use it as my favourite way to show debug info which changes every frame. You can also display how many fps you currently have.

The compass, however, was much more difficult. I tried a lot of different things, but it always pointed anywhere, but not where it should. It should point to the next checkpoint, but for some reason, it never did. Finally, I found a solution and discovered that I had done a stupid mistake with my earlier attempts. Well, can happen.

Then the solution pointed in the wrong direction as well. I was about to go crazy, but then realized that the compass pointed as it should, the checkpoint was just at the wrong place.

To show all this in action, I’ve made a short video. You see the display being turned off and on again, the FPS counter off and on and the compass pointing to the nearest checkpoint (which looks horrible. I gotta create a better one). Watch it! (6.0 MB)

This means, all in all, that the program is now finished, or at least, that all features that are planned are now included. Notice that I still haven’t done testing on other computers and that later versions will include more features. However, the only thing that is lacking now is an interesting map, which will be my next priority.

Written on November 5th, 2005 at 05:58 pm


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