Not for people who think VW makes beautiful cars

I got SCAR as a birthday present. It’s a racing game, but not an ordinary racing game, it’s one with only Alfa Romeos. Cool, eh?

Since all the cars are Alfas, no stupid tuning and modding a la NFS is required, as an Alfa will always look good and the games graphics do not need to hide. The choice of vehicles is huge, there are new cars like the 147, GT as well as classics like the Giulia, 155 DTM Edition, SZ and so on. There are even two prototypes that never went into mass production, the Nuvola and the 8C Competicione. Sadly, the newest models, 159 and Brera, are absent. Instead the 156 (with and without facelift, but no Sportwagon) and GTV (also two race versions) are available.

The tracks are nicely done and fun to drive on. There are no viewers on the sidelines, but I’ve not yet decided whether I miss them. Driving feels realistic, but since I never would treat a real Alfa the way I do here, I have no way of knowing. The game calls itself a CaRPG, which means that you collect experience and abilities. This is slightly annoying, but can safely be ignored while driving. Some things that bug me:

Written on December 5th, 2005 at 07:34 pm


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