LiveJournal feed should work again

And now for something completely different: A while ago I wrote an article about how you could now find my site with LiveJournal. I still don’t know what the great thing about LiveJournal is, but I would want to have it working. For some reason, however, the feed would not update there. Now I finally realised what the problem was: I was using some special chars which I should have encoded but didn’t in the description of exactly the article about LiveJournal.

NetNewsWire Lite, my favourite RSS reader, did not complain when facing these things, so I didn’t notice. LiveJournal, however, required a much cleaner code. What shall I say, the code is clean now and in about 20 minutes from now my new posts should be visible there.

Update: I just realised that NetNewsWire did, in fact, choke on these characters. It didn’t display any of the new posts either, I just forgot to look there. Quite embarassing for me.

Written on September 28th, 2005 at 10:13 pm


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