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Always wrong: Just a few hours ago I posted in a forum that there will be no update before the weekend on this site. Well, who cares, I doubt that many people from that forum will go over here anyway.

Cool bug: No texture, all just in white and shades of grey

This is a large one, so let’s get started.

My new text system is working. But who screwed up my clock?

I got a new text system. As you might recall or not, I had severe performance problems with any text displayed in the main window. The old code used about 33 to 34% of the whole performance my program needed. The new one needs 1.9% in total. I was going to post about this earlier, but then I hit the close button on the browser window by accident and didn’t want to anymore.

During my tests, the diesel engine got embedded in the landscape more than once. This here was intended, just for fun

My railroad system is working as it should, but without bends or switches right now. These will be added when I need them. It took a real lot of work, but in the end only small errors prevented immediate success. I am using the much-hyped Newton Custom Joint here. It’s great, but a lot of work to find out how to use it.

I also reworked the rest of my joint system, so now everything is implemented only using Newton Custom Joints. So far, that’s only one single aspect, so you might as well forget about this.

By the way, I also got fullscreen support. You cannot change the resolution for fullscreen, though, it’s whatever your desktop has.

Next on my list is more joints, that can be better configured, redone weather system and some documentation on how to create levels.

Written on January 18th, 2006 at 09:17 pm


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