Official Election Recommendation for the US presidential elections

You’ve waited for it, and here it is:’s official recommendation for the US presidential election 2008!

Well, I guess you didn’t actually wait for it, but I know there are quite a few users from the US who visit this site (about 13 percent), actually the second most after Germany. Most of them only visit once and never return if my statistics are to be believed, but there’s still a good chance I’ll catch one. So without further ado:

I recommend you vote for someone.

OK, I’ll be the first to admit that this doesn’t sound like much of a recommendation, but it is, and I’ll explain it further. Basically, I think you should vote instead of not going, and I think doing that is more important than who you actually vote for. I’ve got my own preference on whom I’d prefer to be president, but I’ll leave it out of this post.

A common reason given for not voting is that one does not see enough difference between the candidates, or that not voting is a form of protest against the corrupt political system. It is certainly you’re right not to vote, but if you don’t, then you are not helping to change things.

Whatever your believes, there’s a good chance you’ll be aligned more closely with one of the two candidates than the other. The way it looks, this won’t be a landslide win for either party, so your vote really counts.

If you vote out of protest, the problem is that it’s not possible to see what you really want, other than “not this”. There is a number of independent and smaller candidates, one of which may be more what you are looking for. Their chances are small, but they will certainly improve if you give them your vote. If you don’t vote or give invalid votes, then you just state that you’re not happy, you’re not helping to solve the problems.

Ultimately, it’s everyones own decision, but I think that the US presidential elections are just too important to not give your voice.

Written on June 12th, 2008 at 10:40 pm


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