Bildungsstreik - Impressions

Today was the main day of the Bildungsstreik protests, and I happened to have some time for it, so I thought I’d post some pictures.

![The Theaterplatz was quite full.](

The event was shifted from the original location, the Elisenbrunnen, to the Theaterplatz because someone forgot to think about a market. What surprised me was the sheer number of people. The call did not resonate strongly (as far as I could tell) within the RWTH, but the AStA (the official executive of the student representation body) of the FH completely supported it. Police estimates talk about 2500 people, and that does not feel fully unrealistic to me.

![Some guys raised signs.](

Many protest signs were done in the style of comic speech bubbles, but there weren’t a lot of them in total.

![They’re starting to move.](

About 13:30 the demonstration started their trek through Aachen’s city centre.

![They’re moving on.](

The leaders.

![Signs advertise the revolution.](

I’m not quite certain whether this sign (which asks for a revolution) was meant seriously, or whether I just couldn’t read it properly, but it did seem rather odd to me. But then, left-wing parties were very quick to embrace this all…

![A sign calling for rich parents.](

Of all the signs protesting against the german tuition fees, this one (calling for rich parents) and it’s variations were my favorite.

![A sign with typical comic swear words](

My absolute favorite protest sign. And people who like photographers.

![We’re still at Posthof.](

The rear end. Not that interesting, but someone has to take that picture. For bus enthusiasts, notice the doubly articulated bus in the background.

I had to leave about then, for a lecture (yes, I’m not on strike, I’m just observing), but I did get back in time for the final demo in front of the cathedral.

![The mobile stage had been set up by the FH.](

There wasn’t much New in terms of content. However, the [occupation of Fo3]( did end this morning, as the university fulfilled the request of the protesters to give them a room for debating once a wekk.

In other news, there’s [also an occupation in Brunswick]( Sorry that I can’t permalink.

Written on November 17th, 2009 at 09:28 pm


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