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Every once in a while, I’ve written small tools to solve problems I had. Those tools tend to work okay, but they’re too boring for a real release. For the longest time, that meant they sat on my hard drive and went moldy. That wasn’t too good, so now I’ve [uploaded some of them on Github][gh].

Currently, it’s three projects. All are for Mac OS X 10.7 (although two might work on 10.6, too). All are available for download in binary and source form. I haven’t picked a license yet, but I really don’t care too much, because none of these tools are that interesting. You will likely not see many big new features, unless they’re necessary to solve a problem of mine, but if you submit a technical issue, I’ll do my best to fix it if I have the time.


This tool is german only because it was specifically written for three people, all of whom speak german as their first language. If there’s interest, though, I could easily do an english version, too. The goal is to create an index for a book. Yes, Latex might have nice tools for that, but for anything done with real layout programs, you need to create them by hand. This is no fun. This tool presents a simple user interface to take away some of the pain.

Fanfiction Downloader

Sites like [][] offer a lot of bad and a few good stories. I’d like to read the latter kind on my Kindle, but all tools that do that are either on Windows or inconvenient to use. So I wrote my own. The core is a basic screen scraper, which means that I will give absolutely no guarantee for its functionality right now and especially not in the future. That being said, if it were to fail, I’d be annoyed, too, so expect problems to be fixed fairly quickly.

Tomb Raider 2 Settings

Since a few months ago, the best Tomb Raider game of all time, Tomb Raider 2 (from 1997), is available on the Mac App Store. That’s awesome, but sadly there is no way to tweak the resolution or set some of the very arcane settings this game admits without manually diddling with Plist files. To make this a bit easier, this tool offers a quick and simple UI for all important and many unimportant settings.

Written on August 7th, 2012 at 10:56 pm


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