Glacier Express

Glacier Express

Posted: 16 November 2009

Taken:2009-11-14 17:16:33
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: -1/3
Exposure Time:1/250
Focal Length:18 mm


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The most famous train of all of Switzerland is the Glacier Express from St Moritz (or, since recently, also Davos) to Zermatt, operated jointly by the RhB and, since the merger of BVZ and FO, MGB. For this touristic important train, only the newest coaches are used, and at least for RhB, usually only the newest locomotives as well. In particular, RhB likes to use it’s Ge 4/4II series here, in many ways a smaller Re 460 (Lok 2000), even though it looks nothing alike. All of them have advertisement vinyls, which makes model railroad manufacturers happy. This one, fittingly, is advertising for the Glacier Express.


Posted 19 November 2009


Nice shot! What a coincidence, just two days ago I spent some time watching a 'driver's view' video about the Express, riding from this very same Chur to Filisur.

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