ITL Taurus

ITL Taurus

Posted: 10 September 2009

Taken:2009-09-10 12:59:27
Camera:Canon EOS 1000D
Exposure: 0/1
Exposure Time:1/125
Focal Length:55 mm


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One of the goals with the Taurus fleet of Siemens ES 64 U and ES 64 U2 machines was for ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) to become a leading provider of motive power, renting their machines out. That didn’t work too well, because ÖBB seems very unwilling to take on anyone as a customer who might be a competitor to themselves. German ITL and Czech ČKSD–Intrans did qualify and are renting a total of five machines together, such as 1116 238, passing through Hamburg Wilhelmsburg here.


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