Die Geister leuchten im Dunkeln!

Ghosts is my first and so far only first-person-something. I created it for a contest on iDevGames (but never managed to get it in any shape that I dared to enter). It’s got one room, five ghosts that you can run into (they’ll start flying away and spin), and that’s about it. I used to have bigger plans, but no idea how to implement them.

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Computer Games!

It is first of April, but I haven’t seen any good April Fool jokes. I’ve seen many, but none that were really funny or that I believed. The best thing I saw at all was Eisenbahn Kurier’s article on the german railroad reintroducing the third class, because that’s the cheapest solution to the inconvenience some modern electric railcars are causing. Of course, I believe that CMT’s claim to support Mac OS X is a bad joke as well, I’ve never ever gotten any video from there to run. But nevermind that, all following is not a joke.

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