Sometimes it works

Every time I start working on Snow after a few weeks pause, I find that something does not work and needs to be fixed before I can continue working.

What is Snow?

I really wished I knew the answer to that. I started the project after I cancelled another one, which was written in plain C and a mess. Snow is written completely in Objective-C, based on Cocoa. Physics are provided by Newton. It’s got something to do with Snow. That’s all I know.<

The goal of the game is to drive around with a snowcat until you get boring. There ought to be a race mode somewhere down there, but it’s a really long time since I last tried that out.

I used to say that Snow is a real game, not just some kind of “engine”. Turns out I was wrong. Snow is not a game, but it’s not an engine either. At best, it is some kind of tech demo, a very bloated one. It has snowcats that either drive unrealistically or not at all, railroads that cannot do curves, weather effects that cause the whole screen to blink and so on.

That's how it used to be
My first screenshot

It would be really cool if I went through the code and fixed everything that was buggy or unfinished. But that is no fun, compared to adding more unfinished features. So Snow keeps getting larger and more buggy. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it. It’s not development with the aim of releasing the software, it’s mainly research for me nowadays.

In fact, I’ve stopped working on Snow now. Many ideas, but hardly any direct code, continue to live in Hubschrauber, which has now taken the role of my research project. It’s a much better one, with cleaner code and the like. If I ever go back to Snow, I’ll replace lots (most?) of the code with new code from Hubschrauber.

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Short notice: Recently there hasn’t been much happening here, as you may have noticed. That’s going to stay that way for at least, if current plans work out, a month. To quote highway construction sites: Thank you for your patience!

Various Updates

After weeks of work it’s finally done: My game works just as well as it did before. Cool, isn’t it? I do stuff like that more often than I’d like to, but I have to. The goal is always to create the infrastructure for other cool stuff that I plan on doing later. In this case, I now have the infrastructure to control any kind of vehicle, not just the default snowcat. To make this possible, all user-controlled driving is now controlled by Javascript code that I (or anyone else) can create and change rapidly. The supporting built-in code doesn’t differentiate between different vehicles, about anything can be controlled now (planes and helicopters will need much more work, though).

Told you so…

First, something unrelated: I wanted to stop moderating the comments two weeks ago, because it is actually as useless as all my friends told me. But right that day when I want to do it, I get flooded with about fifty useless spam comments (which, thanks to moderating, nobody but me ever saw). So it’s going to stay in for a little longer, although I might need to change the text explaining why I do so.


While I am programming, a lot of screenshots accumulate. What you see posted on my homepage is only a small percentage of these, namely those that happen to get into my posts here. Now I decided to change this and show you more, to get you interested.

Offroad Diesel Locomotive

It won’t be long until I graduate from school, I’ve already had my last regular school day behind me. Some of my friends don’t like the fact that now, they won’t see how my game is going. In school, they could always watch me working right there (when I had my iBook with me). To solve this problem, I try to post more often from now on, showing more steps in between, including stuff that doesn’t work as I want it to. Considering that I’ll have less time for programming and posting due to my final exams, I guess it should even out to the usual level of activity here, but I’ll try to be better than that anyway.

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