Static Objects Working!

This is a large update today, and it doesn’t even include all the cool things that I plan to do later today and tomorrow, but I just had to many screenshots sitting on my desktop so I had to post now.

There was a LAN from thursday to wednesday at Björn’s house. During the breaks, or when the others were playing some weird Warcraft 3 maps that I didn’t understand, I worked some more on this app. So here the screenshots:

Texture strangely stripey

First of all, I was trying to get texture back working and, obviously, screw something up. Due to lack of sleep, I forgot what exactly, but it’s not important anymore because:

Texture correct now

I don’t know how often I’ve been coding for hours just to get the same result that I had before, but since this always lies the foundation for something fun I don’t think it’s actually bad. Next thing I was trying to get to work: Static objects. I created a small bridge, took a texture from Toob’s Tiled Textures and slapped it on without editing (gotta create a better one some time) and inserted in the game. Of course, it didn’t work at first. After looking for and eventually fixing an embarrasingly simple bug, it worked. Kinda.

Bridge is in game, but snow mobile falls through

The reason for this was a screwed-up counter while adding faces to the static mesh for the physics engine. Again, this took way more hunting than actually fixing, but finally I ended up with this result:

Snow mobile driving over bridge, but the whole map has bridge texture

A design decision I did way back when I created my map scene management proved to be a bad one. It required a little work and I recieved my final result:

Snow vehicle on bridge, all textures correct

The rest of the time, I worked to implement multiple textures per object and supporting quadrangles (I only used triangles before). A static model I’m currently working on has a polygon count of about 600 with quadrangles and about 1100 with only triangles. The support should work right now, but so far, it’s untested.

Written on October 20th, 2005 at 02:08 pm


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