Roll On 28-Wheeler

Everything back to normal over here (except for the texture), my strange snow-thingy has now wheels again instead of rotating wings.

The problem was easy: Compare for (i = 0; i < numFaces; i++, k += 6, j += 9) to for (i = 0, k = 0, j = 0; i < numFaces; i++, k += 6, j += 9). The latter is the new, correct version. As you can see, I have three counters with various strides, and I forgot to set the initial value for two of them. The method here was responsible for rendering the actual model. Oddly enough, it worked fine the first time I called it, but would screw up in subsequent calls.

In a perfect world, I would have gotten access violation errors and traced them with the debugger in about two minutes, but for some reason I did not and had to guess and play around, until I finally hit it.

Everything working again as it should.

Next thing will be getting the ground texture to work.

Written on October 17th, 2005 at 03:09 pm


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