I just watched the movie “Eragon” in my local cinema, and I was not impressed. I was not disappointed either. The best word to describe my feelings is probably “Meh”.

The movie is well done, overall. You do notice that it didn’t have the budget of Lord of The Rings (or if it had, that it wasn’t spent well enough), and some scenes lack the scale that you’d want them to have. But well done is well done. The plot, however, is the most uninteresting that you can imagine.

As a short summary: A boy finds a dragon egg, from which a dragon hatches. Together they kill some bad guys, before the movie ends and we can prepare for part 2.

It’s got all the nice elements we know from every other science fiction movie ever made. The wise old teacher, who dies later. The orphan who discovers his huge destiny. Tragic moments, when the hero’s uncle gets killed by the Stormtroopers Urgals. The bad guy who used to be good but changed his mind. Sentences like “To victory or death!”

I could go on forever, but you get the idea. The movie is a good movie, but it really lacks anything original. Completely.

By the way, I’m just reading the book, and while this two gives me the impression that it’s more of a Tolkien fanfiction with dragones instead of rings than an original piece of art, it still deserved something better than this.

And now for something completely different: I just found out that Einntopf (if you don’t know him, you won’t be interested in this anyway) has now or maybe for some time already his own blog. I have no real clue what messages he intends to deliver, but that’s normal, not due to the blog. Either way, it might be interesting.

Written on December 18th, 2006 at 08:11 pm


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