Interstate, Hubschrauber Continues

I had the special honor of making a kind of newspaper for The result is now published at If you read the Abizeitung, which you probably didn’t, you would realise that I took the layout quite directly from there. Well, it’s my layout and I’ll use it however I want.

I’d like to turn your attention to the new map Cessna Challenge that is about to be released this weekend. I’ve tested it, and it’s really great if you like flying challenges. If it was focused on helicopters instead of planes, I would probably not have started my Hubschrauber project at all and instead only played this map all day.

The Hubschrauber continues to fly as well. I’ve now implemented some important features, such as having the helicopter start from a heliport, and an option to reset the helicopter to said heliport. Currently, I’m working on a really big change. I think I’m gonna post a new version for download when this is finished. With luck, this should be in a week or so, but this date is subject to massive change in any direction.

Written on September 29th, 2006 at 09:40 am


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