Windows Version really works

I had to remove the first release of the Hubschrauber for Windows quite quickly because everyone told me that it didn’t work for them. The reasons and solutions are rather arcane (at least for a Maccie like me), you can read about them at The Code Project. My new version should, according to Bj√∂rn (thanks for testing!) work on Windows XP. So I now offer it for download again:

Hubschrauber for Windows

This release does not work with Windows Vista and default drivers. The problem is that the default drivers only give me OpenGL 1.4, while my game requires OpenGL 1.5. I do not plan on changing this. I’m quite certain that useful drivers for Vista will be released (I think Nvidia already has some).

The Mac version was not changed.

Written on September 23rd, 2006 at 09:56 pm


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