Testing starts

Hubschrauber is now available for download!

Hubschrauber is a small game I wrote where you can fly a helicopter (in german: Hubschrauber) around a landscape. I started working on it about two weeks ago. Please notice that this is not a finished, full game by any means. I just offer it for download now to see how well it works on other computers than mine, and how I should best calibrate the controls.

Usage guide

The helicopter is tuned to fly in an arcade style, not very realistic. To change any settings, open the menu by pressing ESC.

An especially important setting is the Difficulty setting. It varies a factor that directly affects the handling. The lower it is, the easier it is to get the helicopter flying at all, but for faster speeds or to get yourself out of tight corners better, you’d want a higher setting. For beginners, I’d recommend to start with 30-40%, while pros (including those who have experience with helicopters from other games) can and should go up to 100%, because everything below is, well, for n00bs.

To uninstall, just delete the folder or, for Mac OS X, the application. The Mac version saves all preferences in “~/Library/Preferences/de.ferroequinologist.hubschrauber.plist”, while the Windows version writes everything to the registry under “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareFerroequinologistHubschrauber”.

Known issues

Questions, suggestions, bug reports and anything else please in the comments, or contact me in any other way you like.

Download Mac OS X | Download PC

Written on September 23rd, 2006 at 04:53 pm


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