Björn stealing my ideas

I’ve talked a time or two about Björn, a friend of mine and probably the only one ever looking at this site. No idea why he does so, I’m always bored to death here, but that doesn’t matter.

My last post was mostly to have something new appear in the news, so that it doesn’t look as stupid. And what does Björn do? Just the same… (by the way, there’s also no possibility to permanently link to a single article on his site. Ain’t that evil?)

I’ll work more on my game whenever I want to. That might be right now or next week. In conclusion, updates are not planned but might fall from the sky at any time (duck!). If you’re interested, you might want to try out subscribing to my RSS-Feed.

Written on February 11th, 2006 at 09:34 am


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