While I am programming, a lot of screenshots accumulate. What you see posted on my homepage is only a small percentage of these, namely those that happen to get into my posts here. Now I decided to change this and show you more, to get you interested.

I got the idea because now I have Transmit. Among other stuff, it lets you create droplets, i.e. icons on my desktop that I just drag the files I want uploaded on. This lets me publish random crap much faster.

Those new, random screenshots will not be shown on this homepage (at least not at first), but you can see them by going to their folder:

A note about the names: Those movies and pictures whose names start with snow are the official ones, those that have been or will be posted here, in the news section. There are exceptions to that rule, when I changed my mind in the last minute after uploading an image. Those screenshots that are meant to be random start with “Bild” (that’s german for “Picture”), the movies with “Film” (that’s german for “Movie”). Both can be interesting or show nothing interesting at all. Check it out!

Written on April 30th, 2006 at 05:55 pm


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