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While I am programming, a lot of screenshots accumulate. What you see posted on my homepage is only a small percentage of these, namely those that happen to get into my posts here. Now I decided to change this and show you more, to get you interested.

Experts and those who aren't

There are times when you just have to rant about something, and today’s the day for me. What I’m mad about is that there are so many people who believe to know about computer gaming, yet in fact they have no real clue. I’m no expert in this area, but I know more than surprisingly many of them, and how they can be so certain about something they clearly have no idea about, is sometimes driving me nuts.

Nice, but…

Tomb Raider Legend is a cool game, and worth the 36.95 € I payed for it. It would have been worth the 47.90 € I’d have payed for it if Amazon didn’t lower the price at the last minute as well, but you won’t find me complaining about that. The game was the first of the franchise to have a storyline that was actually interesting, the new moves were a lot of fun, graphics were really nice even on my old computer and there was a forklift truck.

And… finished!

While I’m writing this, the end credits of Tomb Raider Legend are rolling across the screen of my other computer. Well, actually they’re not, but they were when I was writing the german version of this article. For this game, I had to sit in front of my PC for the first time in a long time. The noise (the only interesting feature of my GPU is the larger-than-normal fan for better overclocking. Not that I’d ever do that, though), the clutter (my desktop’s a mess), it’s horrible. But anyway, once TLR is fullscreen I don’t see any Windows.

Offroad Diesel Locomotive

It won’t be long until I graduate from school, I’ve already had my last regular school day behind me. Some of my friends don’t like the fact that now, they won’t see how my game is going. In school, they could always watch me working right there (when I had my iBook with me). To solve this problem, I try to post more often from now on, showing more steps in between, including stuff that doesn’t work as I want it to. Considering that I’ll have less time for programming and posting due to my final exams, I guess it should even out to the usual level of activity here, but I’ll try to be better than that anyway.

Computer Games!

It is first of April, but I haven’t seen any good April Fool jokes. I’ve seen many, but none that were really funny or that I believed. The best thing I saw at all was Eisenbahn Kurier’s article on the german railroad reintroducing the third class, because that’s the cheapest solution to the inconvenience some modern electric railcars are causing. Of course, I believe that CMT’s claim to support Mac OS X is a bad joke as well, I’ve never ever gotten any video from there to run. But nevermind that, all following is not a joke.