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Short notice: Recently there hasn’t been much happening here, as you may have noticed. That’s going to stay that way for at least, if current plans work out, a month. To quote highway construction sites: Thank you for your patience!

Update on Categories

In my [recent post][oldpost] on Cocoa Style I did, among other things, say that it’s a great idea to put lots of stuff in categories. Now, Brent Simmons, author of [NetNewsWire][nnw] gives a different opinion on this in [three][ie1] [separate][ie2] [posts][ie3] on his blog (and no, he didn’t do that because of my article, thanks for asking). I thought this could be interesting for you as well. Mr Simmons has way more experience than I do, so I’d rather follow his advice than my hunches.

Torsten's Official Cocoa Style Recommendations

I know quite a lot of people who are into Cocoa, especially just starting right now, and they don’t know yet what is right or wrong. So to help them, I thought I’d write down some of the basic rules that I follow while developing, so that they could copy them and declare me their god and master.

Free Software Foundation vs. Apple

The [Free Software Foundation][fsf] is currently [campaigning against the iPhone][campaign]. They object to the restrictions on what applications can be installed and the existence of Digital Rights Management[^1]. And of course, the Mac community is [largely negative][reaction] towards this.