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Interstate, Hubschrauber Continues

I had the special honor of making a kind of newspaper for The result is now published at If you read the Abizeitung, which you probably didn’t, you would realise that I took the layout quite directly from there. Well, it’s my layout and I’ll use it however I want.

Windows Version really works

I had to remove the first release of the Hubschrauber for Windows quite quickly because everyone told me that it didn’t work for them. The reasons and solutions are rather arcane (at least for a Maccie like me), you can read about them at The Code Project. My new version should, according to Björn (thanks for testing!) work on Windows XP. So I now offer it for download again:

Testing starts

Hubschrauber is now available for download!

It works

Hubschrauber's load screen in front of MSVC05EE

Windows-Version compiles

In the past, I made many promises about my game that I horribly failed to fulfill. Sorry about that. Of course, with this track record one might get the impression that my recent announcement to release a Mac and Windows version of Hubschrauber really soon might not appear as credible as I’d like it to be.

Tech-Demo complete

Hubschrauber currently only works on my Macs in development configuration. I have no way to test it, for example, on Intel Macs. The game also has the option of controlling it with mouse and keyboard, but I suck at controlling helicopters with mouse and keyboard in any game, so I cannot test that either. For these reasons, I need some unafraid testers who tell me how well my program works so far.

Comments working again

Just a short information: Because of a type, only the homepage got saved for comments, not the username. This is fixed now. Thank you for your patience and so on.

Suggestions for Helicopter

Last time I asked for suggestions for my new game Hubschrauber. Now I recieved a long list that a friend of my sister’s wrote. I won’t quote it fully because it’s so damn long. Main points are more choices, and more interactivity through traffic, fuel consumption and similar aspects.


Load screen

Cars in German

So, I just came home from watching Cars in the german version. I had seen the movie before in San Francisco, and I liked it more there. In Detail:

Watch 'Cars'

If you happened to follow both my blog and my sister’s, you should have seen that she really loves Pixar’s newest movie Cars. You might have wondered why I didn’t say anything about it. Was it because I didn’t like the movie?