Windows-Version compiles

In the past, I made many promises about my game that I horribly failed to fulfill. Sorry about that. Of course, with this track record one might get the impression that my recent announcement to release a Mac and Windows version of Hubschrauber really soon might not appear as credible as I’d like it to be.

Don’t worry, however, because I already got my program compiling on Windows. Compiling is the step that takes my slightly human-readable code and translates it to machine code for every file. Next is linking, which takes these files and external libraries to create a single .exe. This does not work yet for me.

I still have to add some functions (currently, saving preferences is only written for Mac OS X), then get the linking working and finally get everything to run. But still, I think I made an important step.

Written on September 22nd, 2006 at 11:14 am


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