Tech-Demo complete

Hubschrauber currently only works on my Macs in development configuration. I have no way to test it, for example, on Intel Macs. The game also has the option of controlling it with mouse and keyboard, but I suck at controlling helicopters with mouse and keyboard in any game, so I cannot test that either. For these reasons, I need some unafraid testers who tell me how well my program works so far.

In order to do this, I plan to release my program in a basic working state, so that everyone can test it. I hereby officially declare that I just reached said state. Now I am starting to port everything over to Windows. Let’s just say that it’s something I’m not used to and that it poses challenges that I did not anticipate. I am still far, far away from producing anything that works. As soon as the Windows version is done (in about 3.5 years or so), I’ll offer both for download here.

Don’t expect anything cool. Don’t expect anything great. Don’t expect it to work on your computer. This is really a test, and even in the best case you cannot do more than fly an ugly helicopter over a landscape.

I know this post is boring, so how about a funny screenshot?

Somehow blue.

For information: That was the result when I changed from Apple-specific texture loading code over to libpng which is supposed to work everywhere. I failed to do some necessary adjustments. Anyway, it looks funny.

Written on September 21st, 2006 at 09:26 pm


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