Watch 'Cars'

If you happened to follow both my blog and my sister’s, you should have seen that she really loves Pixar’s newest movie Cars. You might have wondered why I didn’t say anything about it. Was it because I didn’t like the movie?

Nope, it was because I was to lazy.

Now, however, the moment has come when Cars is available in Germany. Well, technically, it’s not, but if you happen to be member of the ADAC, german’s largest automobile club, you can see it exclusively much sooner - this sunday, to be precise. It’s what I’m gonna do.

I really recommend you to watch the movie if you haven’t yet. It’s got a nice story, extremely cool graphics and a really good soundtrack. The only thing that might not be as good is the german translation (I’ve not heard it yet), but if you’re visiting the german version of my site, you’ll probably not care much for the german version anyway.

Written on September 1st, 2006 at 03:38 pm


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