Load screen

I needed a small, casual game, and I wanted one where I could use my joystick (because that was not really cheap). Because I could not find one, I decided to write a little helicopter flying program myself. It’s got the nice name Hubschrauber (which is German for helicopter. Duh).

In Hubschrauber you have a helicopter, and fly around. That might not sound like much, and is in fact not much, but it is enough for me. The game also has some new features that none of my previous projects could claim:

Some less important things are missing, like trees, buildings, a full screen mode, a way to fly the helicopter without using a joystick (who would ever want to do that anyway?) or even a texture for the helicopter. All this might come, order of arrival not guaranteed.

The helicopter

If you have suggestions or question, please tell me.

Written on September 16th, 2006 at 09:42 am


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