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Point of View

I’ve wanted to create a true third person cam, that was attached to my snowcat, for some time. Finally, I’ve done it, so the first beta release of my game can’t be far away anymore :-).

Light at the end of the tunnel

I didn’t work on the oil depot shown earlier, but rather tried something new, tunnels. These were not there yet, as normal heightmaps do not support tunnels at all. There are two different possible ways to build tunnels with heightmaps. The first one is reating a static object that looks like mountain on top and putting it in a valley. This will always work, but it requires you to create practically a new static object for every single tunnel if it should look right.

Work in Progress

Just for your information: Here is an image of the static model I’m currently working on.

Static Objects Working!

This is a large update today, and it doesn’t even include all the cool things that I plan to do later today and tomorrow, but I just had to many screenshots sitting on my desktop so I had to post now.

Roll On 28-Wheeler

Everything back to normal over here (except for the texture), my strange snow-thingy has now wheels again instead of rotating wings.

Short update on object loading

So it turns out the problem was that I forgot to supply the file extension, which was legal with my old code (it assumed that it was always .obj), but not with my new code (using URLs to access everything). Then I found out that I used the wrong stride on texture coordinates (I think I’ll switch to 3D textures default just to get rid of this issue) and finally ended up with this:

Too Clever

I’ve did some work again on my snow game project. On the one hand, sorry for the long delay, on the other hand, who is reading this anyway?

Only german

Björns Haus

If you’re english and don’t understand a word, don’t worry, you won’t miss anything.

Lego Digital Designer

Some people know that I’m a fan of Lego. Some people believe that I used to be a fan of Lego, but that’s not true, I still am, I just stopped wearing Lego T-shirts. If you don’t know me and think I’m very strange know, you’re right.