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Switch with NSString

Recently, i.e. yesterday, I was asked whether you can do a switch() with an NSString, like this:

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

I’ve been meaning to tell you about it. Then I forgot. Then they took it off the internet, only available as a download on iTunes, so I couldn’t. Now it’s back online [over at Hulu]( (with modest amount of ads. If it tells you that you can’t see it outside the US, just close the window, it does work), so what are you waiting for?

Violent Video Games

The debate is as old as video games themselves. In fact, it’s older, seeing as it was first about movies, TV, music or comic books. There are traditionally two sides: Those who think it corrupts our youth, and those who make and use it and think it’s a valid form of art (usually they have a lower age average). It should be pretty obvious that I’m on the pro-video-game side. So I’ll turn this on it’s head and seriously ask: Are we correct? Are video games truly not a problem?

Coruscant Nights

Star Wars Coruscant Nights I Jedi Twilight by Michael Reaves is a book with a surprisingly long title that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now, but always forgot. The plot, as summarized on the back, is about a Jedi who, after the killing of most of them in Episode III, now has to work as a private investigator, helping people in need, when he suddenly gets hit by a mission from his former Master.

How to break Cologne's main station

Question: A single axle of an ICE 3 is derailed, right in the middle of the leaving tracks of a station that is always overloaded anyway. How long should it take to fix that?

Epoch VI

I just noticed: The [NEM 800][nem800] (sorry, no english version. I decided to link to the french one instead because there are quite a few visitors from France here it seems) now includes a definition of Epoch VI. We’re now officially in the future!

Cocoa for everyone!

There’s something I wanted to post since the last meeting of [Cocoaheads Aachen], but forgot. The actual Cocoheads meeting is mainly for people who are already familiar with the framework. To address those who wish to learn about it, there will now be a Cocoa course for beginners.