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The Golden Compass

There is a standard phrase about movies that were made after books. “The book was better”. [Some people are rather annoyed by this](, because you always hear it that way, never any other. But what can I do when seeing a movie where the book is really better, such as “[The Golden Compass](”?

Sign that your news post title is too long, even if you are John Gruber and are doing it for effect

Dear [Mr Gruber]( I know you are doing this stupidly long title not because you don’t know how to make short ones, but rather because you think it’s funny to have such a long title. Also, you put some of the basic points raised against articles like that right in the title, to show how serious you are about them. So in a sense, it cannot be too long. However, when NetNewsWire truncates the title while showingit, then I think it’s save to say something is wrong.

Alfa Addendum

My mother just pointed out to me that the pictures I posted show a definite lack of Alfa Romeo. To a certain degree, this is due to this Meilenwerk, which just does not have all that many Alfas and seems to focus more on Great Britain. However, there were some, and I agree, it was bad of me not to post them. So here they are.

Meilenwerk Düseldorf

I spent the day at the [Meilenwerk Düsseldorf]( This place describes itself as “Forum für Fahrkultur”, which can be translated as “Forum for driving culture”. It is an area for all things that have to do with exclusive cars, including stores, repair shops, insurance salesmen, a restaurant and lots of place to store your exclusive cars, should you have any. There are currently two of these, on in Berlin and one in Düsseldorf. A third one will open in Stuttgart soon.

Hubschrauber 3 released

In the end things worked out sooner than I thought they would, so I can now offer you Hubschrauber 3 for download!

Windows again

I’m planning to release a new version of [Hubschrauber](/en/software/hubschrauber) later this weekend. You’ll hear more details, such as contents and why this half-year delay, as we get closer to the launch. For now, there is just one important question going through my mind:

Changes under the hood

You may or may not have noticed that I recently changed lots of stuff on my homepage. I wouldn’t be suprised if you hadn’t, because the only style change I made was to change the look of my comment field. But there is more!