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Various Updates

After weeks of work it’s finally done: My game works just as well as it did before. Cool, isn’t it? I do stuff like that more often than I’d like to, but I have to. The goal is always to create the infrastructure for other cool stuff that I plan on doing later. In this case, I now have the infrastructure to control any kind of vehicle, not just the default snowcat. To make this possible, all user-controlled driving is now controlled by Javascript code that I (or anyone else) can create and change rapidly. The supporting built-in code doesn’t differentiate between different vehicles, about anything can be controlled now (planes and helicopters will need much more work, though).

Told you so…

First, something unrelated: I wanted to stop moderating the comments two weeks ago, because it is actually as useless as all my friends told me. But right that day when I want to do it, I get flooded with about fifty useless spam comments (which, thanks to moderating, nobody but me ever saw). So it’s going to stay in for a little longer, although I might need to change the text explaining why I do so.

Vaporware and Stripes

Finally my final exams are finished. I don’t have the marks for all tests yet, but for the oral exam in history I got 15 out of 15 possible points, which is equal to a 1+ in Germany or A+ in America, if I understand American grades correctly. And now for something completely different.