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iMac G5

I’ve just got a new iMac G5 with 2.1 Ghz, 20” LCD screen and ATI Radeon X600XT - a huge improvement over my old iBook G4 1 GHz with 12” screen and ATI Radeon 9200, which will now only be used for work on the road (Ironic part: I am more of an nVidia fan because of the lots of documentation for developers they provide). This thing is so cool that I won’t even try to describe it here. Besides, you’d be bored.


One thing I’d like to mention first: A lot of people tell me that they read my page. Please, if you do, write something in the comments! I always get the impression that nobody is reading what I write anyway.

Death to all Reset-Buttons!

You wanna hear news about my game? No? Good, because there aren’t any. I would have posted something, but unfortunately, I was confused and pressed the Reset-Button. What guy ever invented this thing? Who ever said “Good that I can erase all I just typed with just one click!”?

Björn has a new HP!

Björn Gernert, best known for his pictures of houses (more info) and primary reason why I now post in german as well, has put a new design on his homepage. This is quite a big event, because his old site combined lack of ideas with bad design. Of course, he did not manage this as good as some other people I know…

Two languages are better than one

I had a problem for a very long time: Apparently, english speaking people visited this site every now and then. For them, I had to write in englisch. OK with me, but I have some friends who are very bad at english and they always requested that I write in german.

It's winter

Today we had the first snow around here. Unfortunately, it’s all gone now. However, I believe it’s gonna snow again, and then I’ll have my camera and take some pictures to use as textures in my game.

What the hell is an EMD SD40-2?

My current messenger status is EMD SD40-2 in progress, and since I also have this as autoreply, a lot of people have asked me what that might be. I think the best guess so far was that it was some formula developed by Einstein. Sorry, but no.

Programming finished

I believe I’ve written too many posts without screenshots lately, so before anything else, here is one:

Setting up GNUstep

Everything is kinda horrible, but not horrible enough to be actually horrible. Except for my english, of course, which is definitily horrible.

OT: Windows port?

A lot of people, I think about five, have asked me to create a Windows port of my game. This is not as easy as it sounds, because I use Cocoa, and people say “Cocoa stands for Can only compile on Apple”, which means that it is hard to port Cocoa code to anywhere else. So for a long time I said “I’ll think about it” while secretly thinking “go to hell”.

Nearing first beta release

Just a short update: I wanted to say that the programming part for the first beta release is nearly done. There are just two more functions I want to make, and maybe I’ll tweak a few other parameters, but that’s it. Then, I’ll start creating a map and once I have that, I will release the game.