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Cocoaheads Slides and Sample Code

Quick note: I’ve just [posted the slides and sample code][download] from my [Cocoaheads-Talk today][previous]. It’s in Keynote format, I’ll post a PDF version (if anybody wants annotated as well) later. Do note that it’s german only.

Talk at Cocoaheads in May

I’ve [talked about the Cocoaheads Aachen-Meeting before][before], which are meets of Mac OS X and iPhone developers. I just wanted to say that next time I’m going to hold a little talk there.

Star Trek XI

There are lots of important topics one could blog about right now: The german federal government thinks Paintball is more dangerous than guns, for example. Then there are the planned internet filters. Fighting against child pornography is clearly a good idea, but it turns out that you can easily get the providers to shut down the websites completely, and there is no judicial oversight planned, or any method to get sites that are listed wrongly off the list again, making this a troubling possibility for censorship. And finally, there’s always the economy. In times like these, it’s a good idea to look at a more upbeat topic, such as the new Star Trek movie.