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Inside a plane

I’ve been to San Francisco for the last few days and am going to write more about this soon (I aim for the day after tomorrow, but nothing guaranteed). I just wanted to post that I am right now sitting in an Airbus A340-600, equipped with WLAN, and surf the Web. I could not miss the chance to write a post at 1000 km/h and more than 10.000 m height. You don’t get to do that quite often.

Dreamfall - The Longest Journey

Notice that I talk about the german version of the game. Especially the packaging that I talk about is probably different in other countries.


When a class finishes the highest level of school in germany and gets the certificate that allows them to go to a university, there are a couple of strange customs associated with this. One of them is the so-called Abiturzeitung (the name of this certificate is Abitur), something between a journal and a book that appears only once, is sold to whoever wants it and contains profiles of the students, the various teachers, the various subjects and the funniest quotes by the teachers. I am not aware of a good translation or something similar in other countries (though I’m quite sure that there is something).