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Karlspreis und Thalys

Today, the Karlspreis will be awarded in Aachen. This price, named for Charlemagne (Karl der Große in german), goes to people who have done great deeds for the unification of Europe.

Only german

Bahnprivatisierung beschlossen

CDU und SPD haben sich bei der Bahnprivatisierung geeinigt. Herausgekommen ist das vom SPD-Parteitag favorisierte Modell, bei dem die Bahn in zwei Teile gespalten wird, von denen einer zur Hälfte verkauft wird.


I’m considering adding Avatars to the comments here.

Railroad Photography

And now for the reason why I did the [new layout](/en/blog/2008/04/Neues+Design): The site now also has a [Railroad photography section](/en/trains/). Kinda neat, isn’t it?

New Design

Look around and you’ll see it. Yeah, that’s more or less it. I mean, honestly, what can you say about a new design?

Note to self

There’s a huge sign at the front of regional express trains. It says where the train is going. Look at it. Don’t trust the station speakers when you are listening to an iPod, as you might miss something.