Told you so…

First, something unrelated: I wanted to stop moderating the comments two weeks ago, because it is actually as useless as all my friends told me. But right that day when I want to do it, I get flooded with about fifty useless spam comments (which, thanks to moderating, nobody but me ever saw). So it’s going to stay in for a little longer, although I might need to change the text explaining why I do so.

Too Good to Be True

As you might remember, in my last post I talked about a guy in one forum that claimed he and his friends had written the best game engine ever and I did not believe him. Turns out I was right. Cool, isn’t it?

You can read the whole story in full detail by reading the original thread in the forum, but as that thread is extremely long, you might also consider to read a second, much shorter thread that still contains all important bits. The net result is: At least a large part of the screenshots he showed were taken from forums that deal with CGI art, without permission and claiming that those were screenshots from his game. That is not an absolute proof that he doesn’t have any game written, but it sure is enough for me.

There is no official statement by the guy yet. His forum account was suspended and he was asked to tell his side of the story to the admin by E-mail. It seems that no such thing has happened yet. The original plan, before everything was uncovered, was to have a big announcement tomorrow, for which he already recuted innocent voice actors. Let’s see what happens…

Me, I posted the link to my page and was critized heavily for not posting my concern earlier. It was also assumed that I wrote the piece about my doubt only after the situation was revealed (I can proof I didn’t by using Google’s cache). The discussion was not long at all because the thread was closed very shortly thereafter, but still, I promise that I will act differently if the need arises again.

True and not good

If you have some object, put it a known location and the next time you look it’s nearly 200 m away, 35 m higher in the air, something is wrong. In this case, it was a matrix multiplication issued somewhere in the “go back to last checkpoint” command. I’ve corrected that, yet still I hardly see more than:

The box on top of the snow-cat blocking all the view

That is, to be frank, not nice. I’m working on it, but I have no real clue where I’ll even need to start. I have the same issue with most other parts of the code I’ve recently worked on, and it’s not exactly getting fewer.

Written on May 19th, 2006 at 04:45 pm


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