Alfa Addendum

My mother just pointed out to me that the pictures I posted show a definite lack of Alfa Romeo. To a certain degree, this is due to this Meilenwerk, which just does not have all that many Alfas and seems to focus more on Great Britain. However, there were some, and I agree, it was bad of me not to post them. So here they are.

An Alfa Logo, the classic version with waves and Milan from the seventies

As it appears, a row of the glass boxes is reserved for Alfa Romeo only.

There is a silver Spider and two Giulias or Giuliettas

My two main subjects for photography were an Alfa Romeo Montreal, possibly the only Alfa that looks best in Orange, and a Spider Duetto in Red. Going through the pictures, I realized I made basically the same ones for both cars.

The Spider's front.The Montreal's front The Spider's rear.The Montreal's rear. The Spider from above.The Montreal from above. The Spider's interior.The Montreal's interior.

Finally, a view into the Alfa repair shop. That Spider is a fourth edition model, a long way from the Duetto of old, but still a very nice car. Notice that this Spider doesn’t need servicing. It’s up for sale instead.

It's black

Written on December 17th, 2007 at 08:21 am


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