And… finished!

While I’m writing this, the end credits of Tomb Raider Legend are rolling across the screen of my other computer. Well, actually they’re not, but they were when I was writing the german version of this article. For this game, I had to sit in front of my PC for the first time in a long time. The noise (the only interesting feature of my GPU is the larger-than-normal fan for better overclocking. Not that I’d ever do that, though), the clutter (my desktop’s a mess), it’s horrible. But anyway, once TLR is fullscreen I don’t see any Windows.

I’ve still not understood what the story is all about, even after I finished the game. But I have to say, that game is great! The first time that a Tomb Raider game has both a storyline worth mentioning and is fun to play at the same time. One can see Laras past, her family, friends and so on, in cool environments with nice graphics, even on my piece of crap I call a PC. Of course, this all is nothing compared to the best feature of the game: A working fork-lift!

The game has its bad sides, too, especially the control system which often leaves you guessing what key you have to press to get where you want to, especially if you’re hanging from ledges. There are some cool aspects about the control system, but this isn’t one of them. There’s also a fair share of graphic bugs, for example Lara appears to float sometimes.

Anyway, gameplay is great. The riddles appear easier, especially because you have hints from Lara’s advisors, or maybe because I got better with Tomb Raider over time (unlikely). There were only few areas where I temporary had no clue what to do next. That doesn’t mean the game’s bad, it means it has far more action than any previous one. Especially the physics are fun to play with, there’s only one occasion (the box riddle in Bolivia, you can see it in the demo as well) when physics are really awfully unrealistic.

The game is full of boss fights, which get easier and more interesting over the course of the game, contrary to what one might expect. Another thing worth mentioning are the secrets that unlock an awful lot of interesting stuff.

Written on April 9th, 2006 at 08:59 am


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