2816 in Aachen Central

2816 in Aachen Central


Railcolor.net is the best source for information about modern european electric locomotives (and related stuff) that you can find. Recently they’ve asked specifically for pictures of units that they didn’t have any or much yet, so I’ve been going through my archives looking for photographs that might help.

2816/E 186 208 has only one other picture, which is actually better than this one. Still, two are better than one and I kind of like it, so I’ve submitted it. No word on whether it’s approved yet. The way it works is you submit your picture, then forget about it for a few months, take a look again and maybe they posted it (there’s a page with all my accepted pictures, currently counting two older ones, both on here as well). Not my favorite way to organize things, but the site is more than interesting enough to make up for this problem.

Anyway, I thought this picture might be interesting enough to post here as well. It’s not a great classic, I know that myself, but it fits my official definition of “Good Enough”. 2816 was built less than a year ago, but it has already reached the “cleaning the headlights separately” stage as it roars with an eastbound freight train through Aachen central station.


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