Not a San Francisco Cable Car

Not a San Francisco Cable Car


When I look around on DeviantART, it seems that many people aren’t exactly clear on what is a Cable Car and what really isn’t. So, to clear this up: If it’s got some sort of electricity collector, it’s not a cable car, just a normal street car.

Which doesn’t have to be something boring in San Francisco, of course. The F line there operates only with historic streetcars. Most of them are american PCC ones, but a large part is also compromised by so-called Peter Witte Trams from Milan, Italy, which is still using these old things.

They are (or were, in 2006 when this picture was taken) nearly 100% the same as they were in Italy, right down to the advertisements in the windows, which were (among other things) trying to sell english courses in italian… It’s rather odd if you’ve been to both cities.


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