The other side of the tunnel

The other side of the tunnel

Posted: 19 December 2008


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It should come as no great surprise that the Tunnel of Gemmenich has another end, nor that there is a mountain (well, hill more like) in between. So today I climbed up that mountain, where I found (among other things) the highest point of the Netherlands (322,5 meters above Normaal Amsterdams Peil), and on the way back down on the Belgian side (yes, this mountain has three sides) I found this view.

Bombardier Traxx 2E MS F140 (I just realized that I wrote that as F140 MS at other times. I’m not really sure which one is correct) 2806 is here just about to enter the tunnel, and is already using german electricity. The switch to the right leads to a third track within the tunnel, which overlaps the other two and is used for transports that exceed the normal loading gauge.


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