Atelier de Traction Kinkempois

Atelier de Traction Kinkempois


If you look closely at belgian locomotives (which admittedly not many people do) you’ll realize sooner or later that the home depot for most of them is a certain Kinkempois. So, let’s go there and take pictures!

The first problem is: Where the hell is Kinkempois? There’s no city, town, village or city part with the name, but it turns out the station is situated in Liège, in an industrial area known as Renory. Sadly, back when I took this picture I didn’t manage to find a good angle showing things, so this is the best I got so far.

SNCB/NMBS 7787 and 7774 are diesel locomotives of belgian class HLD 77, a development of the rather popular Vossloh MaK G1206. They’re found nearly always in double- or triple sets, and always in short-hood forward mode. These two specimen belong to the subset of 20 that are homologated for Germany and the Netherlands as well as Belgium.


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