Noch ein Talent

Noch ein Talent

Hochgeladen: 26. April 2009


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I’m not a Bombardier Talent fanatic like some people I know, probably in large part because it’s just an ordinary train over here in Aachen (where they are also made), but there is absolutely no denying that it can look oh soooo pretty. :D

This train to Heerlen (Netherlands) is standing in Aachen central station, and I like the shadows and reflection of the roof structure here. This is the class 643.2 version, which means two parts, mechanic transmission, entry 780 mm above rail top, used by DB for the Euregiobahn network, which has a special livery.

While we’re at it, I’d like to clear up a misconception: The BR you sometimes see (as in BR 101, BR 643.2) is just short for Baureihe, which in turn is german for class (in this context), so things like “class BR 110” are a little redundant. However, the letters and combinations E, ET, V, VT, SVT and LVT do have specific meanings: Electric, EMU, Internal combustion (i.e. diesel) locomotive, DMU, high-speed DMU and light DMU (the latter two are used inconsistently). Before 1968 in west and 1970 in east germany, they were part of the official class name, but they are still used occasionally because “VT 643” just sounds cooler than “BR 643”.

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