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Single Instruction, Multiple Data

A quite interesting technology for video games is SIMD, spelled out Single Instruction Multiple Data, meaning that one computer instruction processes more than one value. This may be best illustrated by an example. A normal piece of code that every game needs will look vaguely like this:

The Switches are Lined Up

University is fully active again, so my progress is now somewhat slower and will remain so. Still, I was able to implement a number of nice (as in essential) features, which means it’s time for a new Video!

Why there's no particular reason to be skeptical about PhotoSketch

A new technology called PhotoSketch is [making the rounds on the interwebs][kottke]. It’s quite awesome: You sketch a scene, label the parts, and then the app automatically delivers a scene composited from photographs found on the Internet. There has been [some skepticism about this][august], however. As that site does not allow comments, I thought I’d post my thoughts here instead.


I may have been quiet for the past two days, but that does not mean I’ve not been working. After much prodding, I was able to generate the following video:

Railroad Simulator with Tracks

I had originally announced it for yesterday evening, but now I finally did it: After a lot of work, much of which was spent on the converter as such, I have a graphical representation of railroad tracks. What does this mean precisely?

Exploiting Synergies

I’ve been accused of not updating this blog often enough. Of course, I could detract by pointing to my [Photography section][pictures] or my [Twitter account][twitter], both of which are updated significantly more often, but the fact remains that yes, I have pretty much neglected this. Today, this will change, though[^1].